Brickyard Hollow brewery

A gathering place for the community  featuring craft beer and craft pizza!

Brickyard Hollow


Located in the heart of downtown Freeport, our craft brewery, craft pizza location is just getting started.


A perfect location for delivery to Freeport and Yarmouth, a carry-out location for locals and tourist alike and a dine in option for those needing some time to sit and enjoy pizza and/or a beer.

The location can be used for meetings, team lunches and dinners or special events.  We are starting to book more events there (the other restaurants in the plaza close by 7), so it's a perfect private space for your event, class or lecture.   

We are also going to offer "dough" throwing classes on a regular basis.  'Like' our facebook to stay in touch with all we are doing!


236 Main Street

Yarmouth, ME 04096

20 Bow Street

Freeport, ME 04032


​T (Yarmouth):  207 847-0411

T (Freeport):    207 869-5357


Every Day:

11:00 am - 9:00 pm

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FIND​ US (Freeport)

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